I dag a bun into the red Earth The plan's view if I don't know what is not having been known as this the ~MagnEeto~ It is and shall be henceforth, and, as preceded by a request from the greater forces - Spiritual Guidance became my own - You will be decreed to the chancellors of habitat

The oceans, these great expanses of dripping salty excema or gently spread miasma gently I placed the blade henceforth - Tender, she exclaimed... tender is the wolf's kiss or not or maybe oh how its fangs protrude the skull Tender is the night's embrace as it dangles soft beneath the wolf's outstanding genitalia

Guilty as charged ha ha I wept that plus there was only that which was really having thought now in hindsight substantially extensive compensation He was after all a variation of the on of the non- and UN-precariously not complex Complexity of the chaos that looms happening at near or around the polar bi-sect of our unison placed seemingly in our souls by the force at nature generating all objects