from os import system, sep, walk, remove
from os.path import basename, join, exists
from shutil import copy, copytree, rmtree
from distutils.core import setup
from zipfile import ZipFile

import py2exe

from esp_hadouken.Setup import *

origIsSystemDLL = py2exe.build_exe.isSystemDLL
def isSystemDLL(pathname):
    if basename(pathname).lower() in ("libogg-0.dll", "sdl_ttf.dll"):
        return 0
    return origIsSystemDLL(pathname)
py2exe.build_exe.isSystemDLL = isSystemDLL

destination = "dist/win/"

setup(windows=[{"script": "esp-hado",
                "icon_resources": [(1, Setup.config["game-icon-path"])]
      options={"py2exe": {"packages": Setup.build_package_list(),
                          "dist_dir": destination}})

def ignore_files(src, names):
    ignored = []
    if src == "aud":
        ignored += ["uncompressed", "mod"]
    if src == "img":
        ignored += ["local"]
    return ignored

for path in ["config", "Basic.ttf", "hi-scores", "README", "changelog"]:
    copy(path, destination)

for path in ["aud", "img"]:
    folder = join(destination, path)
    if not exists(folder):
        copytree(path, folder, ignore=ignore_files)


def create_archive():
    title = Setup.translate_title() + "-" + Setup.config["game-version"] + "-win"
    archive_name = title + ".zip"
    archive = ZipFile(archive_name, "w")
    for root, dirs, names in walk(destination):
        for name in names:
            path = join(root, name)
            archive.write(path, path.replace(destination, title + sep))
    copy(archive_name, "dist")

from pygame import event, joystick as joy, key as keyboard
from pygame.locals import *

from GameChild import *

class Input(GameChild):

    command_event = USEREVENT + 7

    def __init__(self, game):
        GameChild.__init__(self, game)
        self.joystick = Joystick()

    def subscribe_to_events(self):
        self.subscribe_to(KEYDOWN, self.translate_key_press)
        self.subscribe_to(JOYBUTTONDOWN, self.translate_joy_button)
        self.subscribe_to(JOYAXISMOTION, self.translate_axis_motion)

    def suppress(self):
        self.suppressed = True

    def unsuppress(self):
        self.suppressed = False

    def build_key_map(self):
        key_map = {}
        for key, value in self.get_configuration().iteritems():
            group, command = key.split("-", 1)
            if group == "keys":
                key_map[command] = value
        self.key_map = key_map

    def translate_key_press(self, evt):
        if self.is_debug_mode():
            print "You pressed %i, suppressed => %s" % (evt.key, self.suppressed)
        if not self.suppressed:
            key = evt.key
            for command, keys in self.key_map.iteritems():
                if key in keys:

    def post_command(self, name):
        if self.is_debug_mode():
            print "Posting %s command with id %i" % (name, self.command_event), command=name))

    def translate_joy_button(self, evt):
        if not self.suppressed:
            button = evt.button
            config = self.get_configuration()
            code = self.command_event
            if button == config["joy-advance"]:
            if button == config["joy-pause"]:

    def translate_axis_motion(self, evt):
        if not self.suppressed:
            axis = evt.axis
            value = evt.value
            code = self.command_event
            if axis == 1:
                if value < 0:
                elif value > 0:
                if value > 0:
                elif value < 0:

    def is_command_active(self, command):
        if not self.suppressed:
            joystick = self.joystick
            if self.is_key_pressed(command):
                return True
            if command == "up":
                return joystick.is_direction_pressed(Joystick.up)
            elif command == "right":
                return joystick.is_direction_pressed(Joystick.right)
            elif command == "down":
                return joystick.is_direction_pressed(Joystick.down)
            elif command == "left":
                return joystick.is_direction_pressed(Joystick.left)
            return False

    def is_key_pressed(self, command):
        poll = keyboard.get_pressed()
        for key in self.key_map[command]:
            if poll[key]:
                return True

    def get_axes(self):
        axes = {}
        for direction in "up", "right", "down", "left":
            axes[direction] = self.is_command_active(direction)
        return axes

class Joystick:

    (up, right, down, left) = range(4)

    def __init__(self):
        js = None
        if joy.get_count() > 0:
            js = joy.Joystick(0)
        self.js = js

    def is_direction_pressed(self, direction):
        js = self.js
        if not js or direction > 4:
            return False
        if direction == 0:
            return js.get_axis(1) < 0
        elif direction == 1:
            return js.get_axis(0) > 0
        elif direction == 2:
            return js.get_axis(1) > 0
        elif direction == 3:
            return js.get_axis(0) < 0
from time import sleep

from pygame.locals import *

from esp_hadouken.pgfw.Configuration import TypeDeclarations
from esp_hadouken.pgfw.Game import Game
from esp_hadouken.Timer import Timer
from esp_hadouken.title.Title import Title
from esp_hadouken.overworld.Overworld import Overworld

class ESPHadouken(Game):

    def __init__(self):
        Game.__init__(self, type_declarations=Types())
        # self.get_audio().mute()
        # self.subscribe(self.inform)

    def inform(self, event):
        print event

    def set_children(self):
        self.timer = Timer(self)
        self.title = Title(self)
        self.overworld = Overworld(self)

    def update(self):

class Types(TypeDeclarations):

    additional_defaults = {

        "keys": {"list": ["up", "right", "down", "left"]},

        "title": {"int": ["prompt-size", "enemy-delay", "enemy-offset",
                          "toy-shift-delay", "turn-delay", "leave-delay",
                          "toy-turn-offset", "sky-arc-step",
                          "sky-arc-thickness", "sky-framerate",

                  "float": "enemy-speed",

                  "list": "mask-vector-colors",

                  "int-list": ["wood-position", "toy-position", "toy-offset",
                               "enemy-enter-framerate", "background-framerate",
                               "sky-color", "sky-arc-color"]},

        "main-menu": {"int": ["frame-count", "framerate", "option-width",

                      "int-list": ["size", "text-color",

                      "list": ["option-text", "select-fx"]},

        "toy": {"int": "framerate"},

        "overworld": {"int": ["toy-position", "wall-position", "dot-position"],

                      "int-list": ["wall-size", "wall-border"]},

        "dot": {"int": "frame-count",

                "int-list": ["framerate-range", "transparent-color"]},

        "engine": {"float": ["attack", "release", "deceleration",
                             "max-velocity", "initial-thrust",
                             "peak-acceleration", "peak-distance",
                             "max-negative-acceleration", "calibrator-step"]},

        "sprite": {"list": ["dark-palette", "light-palette"]}}
September 13, 2013

from array import array
from time import sleep

import pygame
from pygame.mixer import Sound, get_init, pre_init

class Note(Sound):

    def __init__(self, frequency, volume=.1):
        self.frequency = frequency
        Sound.__init__(self, self.build_samples())

    def build_samples(self):
        period = int(round(get_init()[0] / self.frequency))
        samples = array("h", [0] * period)
        amplitude = 2 ** (abs(get_init()[1]) - 1) - 1
        for time in xrange(period):
            if time < period / 2:
                samples[time] = amplitude
                samples[time] = -amplitude
        return samples

if __name__ == "__main__":
    pre_init(44100, -16, 1, 1024)

This program generates and plays a 440 Hz tone for 5 seconds. It can be extended to generate the spectrum of notes with a frequency table or the frequency formula. Because the rewards in Send are idealized ocean waves, they can also be represented as tones. Each level has a tone in its goal and a tone based on where the player's disc lands. Both play at the end of a level, sounding harmonic for a close shot and discordant for a near miss. The game can dynamically create these tones using the program as a basis.

I'm also building an algorithmically generated song: Silk Routes (Scissored). Here is an example of how it sounds so far: